I Didn’t Expect to Miss That…

When you move to New York – you learn what being “broke” really looks like. They say that you don’t miss a good thing until it’s gone. Welp, same goes for mediocre things. Here is a list of things, most of which cost less than $10, I can (kinda) live without but wish I didn’t have to:

Coffee Creamer: I like coffee black but I prefer it with cream. I do need to invest in creamer though because I’d save [a ton of] money in the long run by not buying coffee by the cup…

Food that is not noodles, bread, or peanut butter: Enough said.

Hand Soap: I have about three pumps left. Soon-to-be-dirty fingers crossed for good tips this weekend.

Gum: Dirty mouth? Not really – but I’d still like to clean it up with Orbit.

Clean Laundry: Okay this one only half counts. When I didn’t have clean laundry back in college it was because I was lazy. Here, I don’t have the luxury of being lazy, so I have dirty laundry because of other reasons (I would say “money and time” here but your response will be, “I get it – you’re poor and busy! Tell me something I don’t know/ am not also experiencing”).

A Fresh Razor: Have you seen that new commercial with the guy who travels the world for five weeks with a Gillette razor and it lasts the entire time? That’s me - but twice as long and only in one place.

A New iPhone Case: Mine broke. Too bad, so sad.

A Blanket: Okay, well luckily this one has been taken care of since I brought one from home last week. Before that though I had two sheets and was freezing. But I am not here to complain.

Brand Cereal: I’m really over Fruity Loopies, Chocolate-Os, and Honey Oat Clusters.

The Ice Cream Truck: Okay, this isn’t really something I’m missing from home but I am for sure missing out on it here. I see at least two ice cream trucks a day and I really, really want a cone…