A day in the life of a 20-Something New Yorker

A Day In The Life…

7:20 – Alarm goes off.

7:21 - Check social media – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook (in that order).

7:22 – Be upset that more people didn’t upload pictures to Instagram between the hours of midnight and 7 a.m. Those who didn’t post while I was fast asleep = selfish.

7:28 – Turn on shower.

7:28 still – Look in mirror and realize I need to shave. Turn off shower.

7:34 – Turn on shower —> Lather. Rinse. Don’t repeat.

7:42 – Look for something to wear in pile of dirty clothes because I can’t afford to do laundy. Think, “Even if I did have $10 I don’t have the time.”

7:48 - Slip on shoes and think, “I really should eat something before I leave…”

7:49 – Leave without eating.

7:53 – On walk to subway station think to self, “I wonder if this is where they filmed the Rihanna ‘What’s my Name’ video…?”

7:56 – Ignore the lady trying to shove A.M. New York in my hand outside the subway station.

8:01 – Get on train. Read A.M. New York over someone’s shoulder.

8:12 – Transfer to an express train. Be as close as physically possible and as far as emotionally possible with the four strangers around me.

8:28 – Arrive to Times Square Station.

8:31 – Try to beat the arrival of the Shuttle from Grand Central as to not get stuck in a flood of human bodies.

8:32 – Get stuck in a flood of human bodies. Hate life.

8:36 – Walk out of subway station and take for granted working in Times Square.

8:37 – Tell myself that I don’t need (and can’t afford) Starbucks and I’ll just get coffee in the office.

8:46 – Walk out of Starbucks with a sugary latte. Remind self to develop a back bone.

8:53 – Walk into the office. Feel insecure about how everyone is dressed better than I am.

8:59. Check e-mail. Check social media – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook (in that order).

9:00 - Be upset that more people didn’t upload pictures to Instagram since 7:21. Those who didn’t post while I was on the train = selfish.

9:01 – 10:13 – Do interny things.

10:14 – Go grab coffee from the kitchenette. Put extra whole milk in cup so I can take a little drink before I add the coffee. Hope not to get caught.

10:15 – Head back to desk and pass someone who is dressed hella awesome. Remind self to be insecure.

10:16 – Noon – Do more interny things.

12:01 – Head down to get lunch or walk around Times Square.

12:16 – Head to Oren’s to get a free drink because I work there and they let me.

12:18 – Leave a small tip for coworkers.

12:21 – Walk back to office, drink in hand, and think, “Holy crap – I really do work in Times Square!”

12:23 – Get stuck behind slow-walking tourists and think, “Uh! I hate working in Times Square! Tourists are SOOOOO annoying.”

12:24 – Feel guilty for thinking that tourists are annoying.

12:36 – Check social media. Seek affirmation from other’s comments, likes, and messages.

12:42 – 5:00 – Do interny things.

5:11 – Walk down into Times Square Station

5:12 - Try to beat the depature of the Shuttle to Grand Central as to not get stuck in a flood of human bodies.

5:13 - Get stuck in a flood of human bodies. Hate life.

5:48 – Arrive at the 157th street stop.

5:53 – Tell myself that I don’t need a candy bar as I quickly approach Compare Foods.

5:54 – Walk into store.

5:54 - Think, “No, you can’t afford this.” Walk out of store with a back bone (my 8:46 a.m. self would be proud).

6:18 – By this point I’m settled into my bed with Hulu uploading NBC’s The Voice30 Rock or ABC’s Modern Family.

6:36 – Really regret not buying that candy bar.

7:49 – Three episodes of 30 Rock later think, “That is SO true. Living in New York is JUST like that. Tina Fey has it all right!”

7:50 – 11:03 – Spend time reading, writing, Facebook and Twitter stalking, watching Hulu, sulking in self pity and dreaming about the future.

11:04 – Lights out.

12:35 – Actually fall asleep.