New York City and a 20-Something: Marital Problems

New York and I continue to have marital problems. I continue (in thought) to cheat on it with the Midwest, and it (through action) tries to get me to pack-up and leave. Although we’re both guilty of not trying our best to make this relationship work, we continue to show each other, in little ways, we care.

This is not one of those moments:

The other day I was on my way to work and I missed my train by about 10 seconds (thanks to a stop at McDonalds). Not really that big of an issue because the next one was to arrive in two minutes.

Once it does, I board and make my way to an open seat. A few minutes later we stop mid-tunnel. I don’t raise a brow because it happens all the time. Forty-five minutes later; however, my brow was more than raised. Apparently someone on the train in front of us had pulled the emergency break.

So annoying/ thank God I wasn’t on that train.

Finally we role up to 116 Street where I get off and walk down 20 blocks to an express train. By the point, it is 9:15 and everyone is really annoyed that they are late for work.

After my initial annoyance wore off (that’s a lie – just trying to make you think I can adapt well in stressful situations) – I tried to look at the bright side.

As I walk down to the next train I thought, “Perhaps something extraordinary will happen. Maybe I’ll meet the love of my life. Maybe I’ll help deliver a baby. Maybe I’ll find $20! Perhaps something will happen that will make all this annoyance, hassle, and tardiness worthwhile! Today will be my day!”

At 9:46 I walked into work without a new love, having helped bring no new life into the world, and still broke.