10 New York Lessons in 10 days

1. Don’t shop on the weekend if you can avoid it.

2. Even with the high cost of living, there are still $5 foot-longs at Subway.

3. Although most of the country finds it fascinating, New Yorkers hate working in Times Square.

4. Keep ALL business cards you get - you never know when that person may come in handy.

5. There is no Panera in Manhattan. Note-to-self: Find a new restaurant for a favorite chicken salad.

6. Eating out is expensive. Note-to-self: Learn how to make own chicken salad.

7. If you don’t have fewer than 10 items, be sure to not accidentally get in the express lane. Everyone will hate you.

8. The New York experienced as a tourist and the New York I experienced as a New Yorker = totally different.

9. No iPod? No problem – you can hear at least five different songs coming from headphones on the train at any given time.

10. Buddy the Elf was right, the Yellow Ones don’t stop.