10 Jobs I’m Curious to Try

Often during my time in the city I have thought to myself “I’d take any job I can get,” which made me think as I walk, “What if I really did?”

1. A Street or Subway Performer – As I walk the streets and through the train stations I see many people doing acts in hopes to get tips. Singing, rapping, dancing, drawing, reciting poetry – the most interesting was the girl who played the violin while using a hula hoop. I wonder how much they make in a day… Is it a humbling experience? Do they actually enjoy what they’re doing? What would I do? My options: singing, impressions, talking quickly. Hmmm.

2. Subway Train Conductor - I think it’d be kinda cool to ride at the front of the train going through all the dark, scary tunnels. I really do.

3. Dog Walker – Not gonna lie, I tried to get a job as a dog walker and even that didn’t work out. But who wouldn’t want to hangout with cute puppies in the park? Minus the cold and the dogs going to the bathroom anywhere and every where.

4. Macy’s Perfume Sprayer – I went to Macy’s today and it was a tad overwhelmed. I don’t know how many times I had to say, “I’ve already been helped,” or “No thanks, I am just looking.” Ironically the one time I accepted someone’s help they didn’t have my size in a stack of about 80 pairs of pants – so I only made them feel bad.

5. Doorman – Doorperson (I suppose that is a politically correct term) get to know the tenants in their building really well – like I was able to with frequent costumers at Greyhouse.

6. Taxi Driver - This would be more than slightly terrifying but also really exciting. Plus, I am really curious as to what random conversations taxi drivers hear on a daily basis.

7. Roasted Almonds Street Cart Seller – I just want access to unlimited roasted almonds. But sadly I don’t think it works that way. Bummer.

8. Tour Guide – I love people and talking so why not get paid to mix two things I love! Best part: these people would actually be interested in what I’d have to say!

9. Bank Teller – Staring all day at banks accounts reminding me of all the money I don’t have… On second thought… Maybe not.

10. Real Estate Agent – I love real estate and finding potential in old houses and buildings. In New York this would be very fast paced and tons of work, but enjoyable at time.