One-way Ticket to New York City

Jan. 3, 2012. Mark this day in history – the day Jason Myles moved from his hometown in Indiana to New York City with two checked bags, a carry-on, and starry-eyed dreams.

Early off in the morning I knew this day was different than others – I was totally clean shaven and baby-faced for the first time in years. You would think a guy who is moving to the nation’s most expensive city without a job the same month his student loans start is fairly indepentant – but mom said I had to shave for my first job interview – so I did.

After I look at least two years younger I run a few errands, and we’re off the the airport. I watch as the barren corn fields pass by, not knowing when I will see this much open land again. My only hope is Central Park.

When the time comes to say “good bye” I embrace my mother at the entrance to Terminal B. A woman at the newsstand to my left gives me a smile as she hears my cracking voice utter, “I love you.” And I walk away.

As I am searching for my seat on the plane my watery eyes catch the same woman; she grins as I give her a nod.

A few hours later I am staring out the window overlooking the Manhattan skyline. I am thinking how glad I am to have chosen a window seat facing the city. I can’t help but smile to myself, no tears, just a boyish grin of anticipation.

The city I see before me holds so much: dreams, heartbreak, failures, success, lessons, hardship, highs and lows. All of these I have encountered before, but this times it’s different. This isn’t T-ball, I’m in the big leagues now. I will reach higher, fall harder, dream bigger, fail more, and chase the life of fulfillment I know is out there for me.

This is New York: My home. My City. My New World.