My 10 Biggest New York City Dreams

Some of these are more obtainable than others, but that’s why it’s called my biggest dreams list.

1. To have my own Christmas Spectacular on Broadway - Classic, 1940s inspired, wholesome family Christmas show.

2. Be a New York Times Best Selling Author - I’ve got a couple ideas up my sleeve. One memior and one fiction.

3. To be a regular on or have my own super great TV show on NBC -Whether it be something like 30 RockSNL, Dateline NBC, or TODAY.

4. To live in an apartment big enough to hold a table for 8 - I want to be able to host people, especially while sitting around a table.

5. To start a successful media company - Again, I have a few ideas up my sleeve.Magazine. Marketing. Short film.

6. Be one of the celebrities they shoot and ask questions to turning the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade - They always seem so wholesome and “guy next door.”

7. Find the love of my life - Pretty, pretty please!

8. Receive a Master’s degree from NYU or Columbia - I wants two be really well edumicated.

9. Find a great nonprofit that I can dedicate time to - I want to find a place where I love to love, give back, and see wonderful things happening.

10. To find my Happily Ever After