Photo by Maria Davey.

Who is this guy?

Professional Life

I have a B.A. from Purdue University in mass communication: professional and journalistic writing. I minored in English and studied German and Chinese as well. Basically, languages are cool.

I'm also an alumnus of the part-time Master program at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. During my second year of study I served as the 2014 Journalism class president.

Personal Life

I'm a corn-fed, Indiana boy who moved to New York City on a one-way ticket in January of 2012. I had no job, $900, and knew two people. Thankfully, getting into grad school saved me from the city's wrath, as an unpaid internship and being a barista can only keep you afloat for so long.

I'm the youngest of four siblings with two step-siblings added to the mix. I'm an uncle of five and it's simply the best. 

I drink twice as much coffee as I should, read half as much as I should, and work out just enough.

Hopes and Dreams

I feel like I’m constantly living on the brink - the edge of events big and beautiful.

A time when life will open up and all my failures and shortcomings will fall into a puzzle of success.

But in the anticipation I’m in a constant state of anxiety - wondering if today will be the day the board is laid out in my favor.

It’s exhausting and thrilling, providing life and dread all at once.

I can’t say with confidence “the time is now,” but I can speak loudly, “the time is ‘not yet,’ but it’s coming.”